High Performance ballasts

The YODN ballasts are specially designed for the YODN HID discharge lamps.
They guarantee a stabilized power supply for the lamps and ensure a long life time.

  • yodn-ballast 100w–r1

  • yodn-ballast 132w–r2

  • yodn-ballast 150w–r3

  • yodn-ballast 200w-r5-s5

  • yodn-ballast 230w–r7-s7

  • yodn-ballast 260w–r9

  • yodn-ballast 280w-r10

  • yodn-ballast 300w-r15

  • yodn-ballast 330w-c8-s16

  • yodn-ballast 350w-r17

  • yodn-ballast 350w-s17

  • yodn-ballast 380w-r18

  • yodn-ballast 440w-r20-s20

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